John May

– I’ve just got back from End of The Road Festival where I’m happy to say your brother’s Passion4Juice stall helped me to keep on partying with some excellent fresh, wholesome smoothies served with World Class Customer Service (and not a phrase I use lightly).

Please pass on my thanks

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As seen on the ‘year without beer’ – http://yearwithoutbeer.com/2013/passion-4-juice/

http://yearwithoutbeer.com/2013/passion-4-juice/ – ‘the Passion 4 Juice Master is gorgeous, by far the tastiest drink on the menu’.


Testimonials from festival market managers

I run 1-day health seminars and weekend health retreats for MotherNaturesDiet and I have the honour and pleasure of having Trish Tucker from Passion4Juice provide all our refreshments and lunch at all my events. Trish is AMAZING with a capital everything. The food and juices she prepares for my delegates are just incredible, wonderfully nutritious and delicious, and my guests love what she brings to the day…everyone raves about the food and having Trish as a part of my events adds massive value to my guests and to the whole event.

Trish is a wealth of knowledge, she is an absolute genius to work with, she is incredibly hard working, intelligent, professional and totally switched on, she seems to be able to read my mind and no matter where I randomly throw in an unexpected comfort break, with barely a moment’s notice Trish instantly has refreshments ready and my guests are never left wanting. With her 32-years of knowledge and experience, her boundless energy and ever-beaming smile, I couldn’t think of a better partner for catering to all my health events now and in the future.

Much love! 

Karl Whitfield, Mother Natures Diet

 “Passion 4 Juice is the best juice bar on the circuit, no one even comes close.”
Adam, WOMADelaide

“Your team were awesome, always had a smile and were lovely to have a chat with, thanks for the Banana smoothie you gave Pam – she then went on a Sandwichlady mission to ensure Pauly (my husband, head of the festival production) got something to eat/drink, it really fixed him up. Your juice stall really added some exciting options for our crew and the punters, thank you again for your positive fun energy that you and your team brought to the festival. We really dug it :)”
Subsonic Music Festival NSW Australia

“It was lovely having your stand in the grounds of the Guilded Balloon and you and Joe managed to give so much more than juice – incredibly nice, positive vibes just streamed out of the caravan, even in the pissing rain and fog. Thank you”
Julie, The Edinburgh Fringe

“It was a pleasure meeting you at Yes Bristol this evening. You were fantastic and your passion juice was awesome. Thanks for an inspiring and refreshing evening. A budding juice convert.”

“It is wonderful to see you smiling faces at our festival and we would love to welcome you back again next year.”
National Folk Festival, Australia

“Passion4juice you’re very lovely and do such great smoothies and juices and The Juice Cowboy show is a great idea.”

Hillary, Secret Garden party

“Thank you for taking part in the cookery theatre at the Autumn Show, the feedback we have received has been excellent; you (Passion 4 Juice) were the star of the show.”

Jon May, Heart of England Fine Food, Malvern Autumn Show

“We would be delighted to have to you back again next year. It is the best coffee I have ever tasted and the smoothies have been brilliant.”
Matt and Josh, Barn on the Farm

“The Spikey Juice Dome is the most unearthly thing in the garden of unearthly delights.”
Scott, The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide Fringe

Testimonials from our customers

‘Yes, Trish – THANK YOU! I LOVED everything about you being at my event…YOU are an awesome woman and I love and respect you and your knowledge and your story and your lifestyle and all that you represent in so many ways, I think you were the perfect complement to my message and I would LOVE you to provide catering at EVERY future event!’

I LOVED everything about the weekend…your smile, company, food, juices, support…everything! THANK YOU for all your support and help…from switching on my video camera to handing out forms…

The food was FABULOUS and the juices and smoothies and snacks were greatly appreciated…

‘I am so glad you are here again, (at Bestival) you saved my life last year’
Jacob, Portsmouth

‘This is by far the best juice bar I have ever seen’
Kodish, sessions drummer DJ Fresh

‘You guys rock, thanks for the best hangover cure ever’
Emily Gibbs, Cheltenham UK

“Has a taste all of its own – gives you a boost too”.
Cathy O’Dowd, First woman to climb Everest

‘Fresh, invigorating and healthy – a great alternative. Such a fusion of zesty flavours’
Nicholas Voulanas Chief Physiotherapist Harley St London

Woody Harrelson

‘This is the best drink I have ever had’
Phil, professional Dancer, Cyberdog, London

I had one of your amazing juices at Glastonbury this year and wondered if you would share the recipe? It was the alkaline juice – cucumber apple and celery. I wanted to get the quantities right 🙂 It was amazing!

Recipe Book Testimonials

Many thanks for sending the book. Looking forward to making some smoothies! I like the format and my kids love it – it is so colourful and practical.
Michael, UK

I bought a copy of the juice recipe book having enjoyed some of your drinks at Glastonbury and Bestival. I love it thanks.
Andrew, UK

I love your book. Not 100% committedto juicing but trying to juice at least once a day every day. Your book has really help convert my hubby, which has made it worth every penny.
Helen, UK

If you’ve not ordered one, please do. I know that I won mine on this Page, but it’s a fabulous little book with some great recipes.
Lee, UK

Mine arrived yesterday….love love love it xx writing my shopping list for all the new juices we’ll be trying this week woop woop xx
Sarah, UK

I once bought one of your recipe books at Glastonbury and it was amazing! I’m so sad that when I moved house i forgot to take it with me 🙁 how do I go about getting another.
Carly, UK

2012 has turned me on to all things “Juicing” … I’m both inspired & according to my friends inspiring them! Heard about you thru Jason Vale & love your Juice Recipe book.
Steve, UK

I am very interested in vegetable juicing so looking for as much info as i can on this. I found your book from the website whilst doing a general search. I haven’t had the pleasure of tasting your juice, maybe some time soon.
Graeme, UK

I love your book. It is a great place to start. Helps inspire the kids and I love the wipe clean format – very practical.
Emma, UK

Thanks for my recipe book – I am going to get started straight away.
Denise, Australia


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