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Skincare by Juicing Properly

Ingredients for Healthy, Radient Skin and Hair


Scroll down if you would like a recipe that will save your

festival hair AND use your Thermomix

MIX AND MATCHSkincare by Juicing Properly




Coconut Oil

Hemp Oil




Pumpkin Seed


A teaspoon of linseed oil or hemp oil taken once a day can reduce that Winter dandruff, itchy scalp we sometimes suffer. Many causes of hair and skin issues can be diet related, stress or even hormonal.  Look at your diet and see what the trigger foods are.   If you suffer from stress look at B vitamin enriched foods, fish, wholegrain cereals and yeast extracts.

A deficiency in vitamin A can be helped by eating eggs, green leafy veg and the humble carrot is loaded with vitamin A, beta-carotenoids, potassium and essential oils, its regarded by the avid juicer to be a great vegetable for the whole you both inside and out. Drinking carrot juice can not only help combat existing skin problems, but also prevent future issues too including anti-aging!

Lemon juice is sent from heaven, it helps to diminish scars and age spots can heal acne, exfoliate, tone, and even help with oily skin. You can apply it directly but can irritate so we advise diluting it or ADD to a juice recipe… Mix and Match.

SkinCare Smoothies

2 large green apples

10 Raspberries

2 medium carrots

Thumb of ginger

Sprig of fresh mint, leaves only

Pour over Ice ©

Coconut oil: plain and simple is fantastic at reconditioning you and your hair. A teaspoon taken through the hair to the ends will nourish and bring shine… Or add it to your morning juice.

Would you like to make your own FESTIVAL ORGANIC Dry Shampoo?  This is the best recipe created but the wonderful Sharon White and is of salon quality.  Tried and tested at various festivals throughout the UK

Would you like to get the Thermomix creating ‘not just food’? Here it is….


Sharon spent alot of time creating these amazing recipes.  They have been tried and tested in salon and in a field.  They work, create soft lushious hair and are easy to make.

Per 100 grams 

32 g Brown Rice Powder (organic) – you can make in your Thermomix

32 g White Rice Powder (organic) – you can make in your Thermomix

sharon white coconut oil treatment

25 g Corn Starch (organic)

3 g Sodium Bicarbonate

3 g Horsetail Powder – Amazing stuff and easily ordered online

1 g Orris Root Powder

1 g Rhassoul Clay 

To make the wonderful smelling

Mandarin & May Chang

Drops of Essential Oil/100g Mix

5 drops Mandarin

2 drops Grapefruit

3 drops May Chang

1 drop  Lemon Scented Tea Tree


½ gram Chamomile Powder

½ gram Cowslip Powder

Rose Geranium & Lavender

Drops of E.O./100g Mix

5 drops Lavender

7 drops Rose Geranium

6 drops Palmarosa

2.5 drops Ylang Ylang

3 drops Jasmine in Jojoba


½ gram Lavender powder

½ gram Marshmallow powder

Cardomom & Lime

Drops of E.O./100g mix

3 drops Cedarwood

3 drops Cardamom

3 drops Grapefruit

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Howood

1 drop Lime

1 drop Rosemary Cineol


½ gram Rosemary powder

½ gram Lime Blossom powder


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