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Juicing Tips – What To Do With All The Left Over PULP?

Another significant benefit of juicing is all the leftover pulp. This is a natural by-product of juicing. The juice contains concentrated amounts of nutrients; the pulp retains the fibre and a substantial amount of the nutrients as well.

Put it into cakes and slices – re-use pineapple and apple pulp in our home made cakes or fruit slice.
Pulp is great for garden compost – except citrus.
Put pulp to worm and pig farms – they both love it!
In the winter it is great in porridge – especially apple as it gives a great flavour and excellent amount of fibre
Concerned about extra fibre, add a teaspoon of the fibre to your juice – stir it in and sip away!
Also put left over grated carrot fibre into the evening meal – kids won’t notice ad it is very good for them.
Pulp is great in frozen desserts, soups, sauces, casseroles, vegetable stock, dressings, baked goods, salads and many other dishes. Pulp can be stored in the fridge if used within a day. Otherwise freeze in 2 cup quantities for later use.

Get juicing today. With benefits to health, energy, immune system, weight loss and detoxification it is easy to see why juicing is becoming a popular way to flood the body with nutrient dense, delicious tasting fresh pressed fruit and vegetables.

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