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Juices and Smoothies, Advice and Tips for Study and Exams

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With 25 years of experience in the catering industry – from the hustle and bustle of larger festivals to more intimate corporate events – our qualified and enthusiastic team provides a fun healthy entertaining service whatever the occasion.

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Kids and study; proven ways for stress free results

Here are some easy ways for you to get better exam results:

Did you know that blueberries boost concentration and memory for up to five hours! Give me a handful of blueberries over a chocolate bar any day, because the antioxidants in blueberries stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain. They have been shown to boost focus, and even protect against cancer, heart disease, and dementia.  Avocados are also excellent to eat while studying as they enhance blood flow and they offer a simple, tasty way to fire up brain cells.  Avocados are also loaded with fibre, in fact about 11 to 17 grams per avocado!!!!

The amazing flax seeds (also called linseeds) are high in magnesium, B-vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and fibre.  All of which help with your mental clarity, weight loss.  Flax is indeed a super food.  Just make sure you grind them as you need them to keep the omega oil nice and fresh.  Flax seeds can’t be eaten alone, but they’re great sprinkled on cereal. They also make a fantastic linseed tea. This is like a hug in a mug – and we all need a hug in a mug when we are studying. It will keep you hydrated and feeling good.link click here Linseed Tea

Whether you want to learn a new dance or try to tackle leaning a new language, the older you get the harder it is to learn new things.  Blackberries, just like blueberries provide potent antioxidants known as polyphenols. They zap inflammation and help to get your neurons buzzing. They will help you learn, retain information and feel more energised.

Juice recipes to help concentrate:

Limeberry Crush©

1 Lime

5 Strawberries (or a handful of frozen)

3 Green Apples

Cold Green Tea

Juice apples and lime and then blend together with the strawberries and tea. Pour over crushed ice.

Tea drinkers benefit from its antioxidant-rich properties. Maybe it is time to hang up the dainty china cup of black tea and substitute it for its cousin green tea?

Green tea contains antioxidants that fight all those cheeky free radicals in the body.  Green tea is also a super drink to feed your mind, boosting brain power, helping prevent psychiatric disorders such as dementia.

In 2012  a study published in the journal Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, found green tea affects the generation of brain cells, that can provide benefits for memory and learning. The study focused on the organic chemical organic chemical EGCG, (epigallocatechin-3 gallate) a key property of green tea. EGCG is a known antioxidant, which the team believed can also have a beneficial effect against age-related degenerative diseases.

Easy juices to help you study:

The Pink Passion©

5 Strawberries

Handful of Blueberries

Handful of frozen Blackberries

1/2 raw Beetroot

Blend with a cup of water or coconut water and ice.


More proven study tips to reduce your stress:

Develop a study plan in order to be successful in exams – Create a realistic study plan and explore ways to ensure you follow through with your plan.

Take a break – Schedule 15 minutes into your revision.  Avoid the phone and Facebook as it will sway you off your schedule.  The juice and smoothie recipes above can help with concentration and combined with a handful of nuts can boost your energy reserves.

Time management  – There are amazing tools on the web to help you plan.  Cue cards, post it notes. Choose a system that suits you.

Image and word association – This study method associates words with images. Some people memorize best when they can visualize a word or idea in their head. Students who use this method associate an unknown term or concept with something they already know. For example, if a term in your textbook sounds like an object you already know, picture that object in your head every time you say or read that word. Relating an unfamiliar term to a familiar image can help you to remember it more easily.

Repetition – Repetition is the most common study method students like to use.  Reading, remembering and going over it again, until you’ve learned the subject.

Use the Internet – Think about the tool in which you are reading this blog.  Create shortcuts at the top of your page for a subject you are revising. Like a reference book.

Story Telling – Story telling is a helpful way to absorb information using words and images to create an image in your mind. Tell yourself a story about an important person you need to learn about for a test. For example, instead of looking at your textbook as full of boring facts, turn that information into an exciting story with details that can help you remember. Tell the story to yourself out loud, and to others if you find it helps. Many professors even choose to teach using storytelling.


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