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Jason Vale, the Juice Master says Passion 4 Juice is his FAVE!

Jason Vale and Trish Tucker-May (Passion 4 Juice©) collaborated and made this recipe together many moons ago at the fresh festival. We called it the Passion 4 Juice master. Now in his top selling books it is referred to as HIS passion 4 juice. I have a registered trade mark for my business name and logo. So yes it is a breach of that. I have spoken to Jason about it and he has agreed to make reference to the collaboration. This one may have slipped under his radar. Or perhaps it is deliberate. Anyway I will take it as a positive testimonial, continue to do what I do and focus on the abundant energy juicing provides us in our daily lives.

passion 4 juice Trish Tucker May recipe

I will focus on the many thousands of festival goers each year that benefit from drinking our juice. Like the guy who came to us at Womad and ordered the detox special in the pouring rain. He came everyday this year and last year. He told me trying my juices has changed his life. The juice master is inspiring people and so am I.

So even though when I beat Jason in the great international smoothie making challenge, and he turned to me at the end and said “just remember Trish Tucker, there is only one juice master” I still think there is plenty of room for the Juice Queen and for Passion 4 Juice©. 15 years of trading at festivals, events, conferences and retreats in 4 countries tells me that we are here for the long haul. I am an ethical trader, I reference my material or I create my own. I create my own recipes and if I make other peoples, love them and post them, I will give them credit. A similar thing has recently happened to Jo Whitton of @Quirky Cooking (awesome recipes, wonderfully inspiring, hard working lady) I guess I feel I have made it in a way, if I am good enough to take ideas from I must have truly made it in the world of business.

Anyone wanting a copy if my recipe book can buy it online at www.passion4juice.com or click on the recipe book

You will find this recipe, referenced of course, and many more.

If you are reading this and haven’t tried juicing I can honestly say this is the best way to get nutrient dense energy into yourself and your family. Please connect and follow our adventure. We spend 6 months in Australia and 6 months in the UK, keeping people healthy at festivals, retreats and events.

To book the fantastic Trish Tucker-May at your local retreat, event or show please feel free to email at trish@passion4juice.com or message us via Twitter @passion4juice or contact us at www.facebook.com/passion4juice. You can also follow us on Instagram and even see what recipes we love at www.pinterest.com/passion4juice

passion 4 juice Trish Tucker May


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