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Healthy Catering and FREE fruit for kids at Glastonbury Festival

Do you struggle with finding healthy food at festivals?

Are you a family who struggles with the cost of food at festivals? How do you like the sound of FREE stuff at your favourite festival? Passion 4 Juice understands how expensive it is to feed a family at a festival. Our life is festivals and events and we are always travelling with our kids. At Glastonbury Festival this year we hope we can help solve some of the problems facing people on special diets, limited budget and travelling with kids.

What can you get for FREE at Passion 4 Juice – healthy festival catering?

To help families at Glastonbury Festival Passion 4 Juice offer Free fruit for kids, free cups of tea with waffles and free water bottle refills. There is also the opportunity to recharge for phone for free if you are a regular customer.

To help those on special diets, there are vegan, raw, dairy free, gluten free, paleo and nut free options. Talk to the staff about your concerns of known allergens.

There is a voucher available that offers the chance for you to shout your mate a free juice. You can download this and present it to a helpful member of staff who will be happy to look after.

If you like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/passion4juice you will get a FREE energy shot. That will keep you dancing longer or cure a big hangover.

Passion 4 Juice staff are experts in nutrition.

If you are struggling with a hangover, headache, PMT, constipation, funny tummy, lost voice, sore throat or aching feet, the staff will be happy to assist with nutritionally dense real food remedies to save the day.

So if it is taste sensations, energy and nutrition you are looking for, seek out Passion 4 Juice in Silver Hayes and near the John Peel Stage. You will be served fresh, raw, cold pressed and made to order. We do it the hard way – fruit and veg, prepared before your very eyes. Open 24hrs so that people can get a juice when they need it most, before the hangover kicks on.

Passion 4 Juice is organic healthy catering.

We have 16 years’ experience on the festival circuit in the UK and Australia. People come to us for rehydration, nutrients and energy. We have often been told we are the best juice bar on the circuit and have punters across festival sites in the mud to come to us. We are niche, and are top quality. Years of training in nutrition means we are able to help people who come to us with headaches, constipation, dehydration and fatigue. We are there to provide hugs and laughs. We are also trained in clowning and physical theatre, The juice bar becomes the theatre. Last year we were given flowers by a customer because every morning we made her laugh.

So if you are looking for FREE stuff at Glastonbury – like a cup of tea, a hug, somewhere to charge your phone, an energy shot, or free fruit for your kids, come and say hi.


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