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Current Juicing Trends | Passion for Juice Master

Current Juicing Trends – Juicing is not just for the pretty ladies.
Over the last seventeen years of making juice at festivals in the UK and Australia, there has been a significant shift in juicing trends. In the late 90’s when Passion 4 Juice was founded at festivals in Australia the most common customers were health conscious young women. When Passion 4 Juice expanded and started juicing at music festivals in the UK, the trend was similar.

Juicing at a wide range of festivals, steam rallies and sporting events presented a similar experience. It was common for middle aged guys to approach the award winning colourful juice bars, look slightly confused and ask ‘what is it?’ Upon discovering it was a juice bar serving organic veggie juice sensations many would run for cover at the nearest beer tent or bravely ask for an orange juice.

Times certainly have changed. With the help of films like Joe Cross’s “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, Jason Vale’s “Super Juice Me” and the success of the Natural Juice Junkie, now we see men of all ages getting into the juicing way of life. It is common to see middle aged men confidently order the ‘Detox Special’ with organic beetroot, celery, carrot, apple and ginger.

At Bestival, The Radio One Festival recently held on the Isle of Wight, a regular Passion 4 Juice customer said he missed his juice fix at Boomtown Fair. His name is Max. He was gutted that Passion 4 Juice took a year off Boomtown. He lives Passion4juice! Like the man says, re-hydration, nutrients, no Chewing required. Max partied hard at Bestival and he swears that passion 4 Juice saves him at all his favourite festivals. It seems that the juice movement is not just for the pretty girls.

What is your favourite festival? Passion 4 Juice can be found at regular festivals in the UK including Glastonbury, Womad, Fieldview, Barn on the Farm, Purbeck Valley Folk Festival, End of the Road and Bestival. If you would like to see this award winning juice business at more festivals then get in touch. via social media. Connect on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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