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Interview with NCASS and Passion 4 Juice

How do you juggle two different continents, two kids and a juice business?

Having two back to back seasons can be really full on. My husband runs Passion 4 Laughter and I run Passion 4 Juice. We work as a team. It is a bit of a juggle but that is true of any business owner and parent right! We just happen to juggle in different countries. Plus it gives me an excuse to go home and escape the UK winter.  Our second son was born in the middle of the Edinburgh Fringe. Joe was doing shows and much of running the juice bar, I was running the juice bar too – it was full on. We have slowed down a bit now with kids and tend to do only 1 or 2 big gigs a month. I am also studying nutrition as I am keen to learn more about the healing power of food and juice. Joe is constantly improving skills; presently juggling ping pong balls with his mouth and creating huge bubbles. We both redesigned our lives to live our passion. This will be the 23rd summer in a row! The kids chose well. They love being on the road! Live in vehicles help as we always have our home with us and we are always together. One way we juggle all this is using lists! Then we fit the ‘All the things list’ into the diary and we know as long as we do all those things then all the things will get done!


What makes your juices unique?

We like to make our juices pokey, zingy and strong. We use lots of ginger, lemon, lime and other healing herbs.  The juices are all fresh pressed and made to order so nothing sits around.  The enzymes are active, the juice is alive with energy and you can feel the difference.  It is not heat treated or pasteurized.  Just fruit, veg and herbs pressed in front of you. We try and get as much organic, local and seasonal as possible.


Mr WOW Joe Joe Mr WOW Joe and Mr WOW 1

What exactly is the daily Joe Juice clown show?

This is our way of combining our passions. Joe loves making people laugh and I love inspiring people to be healthy. The Joe Juice Show is edutainment – it will make you laugh and think.  Joe chooses volunteers and uses a whip to crack celery out of the hand of a small child; he pokes his entire body through a child’s tennis racket as he talks about sugar being one of the oldest rackets in the world! Joe uses highly impressive circus tricks to carry the meaningful points we want to convey…. 100% fresh produce means no heat treatment,  it contains the natural enzymes which aid digestion;  juice is medicinal; a fresh wholefood diet is good for us.  Joe rides a 7 ft unicycle and juggles the Great Aussie Thirst Quencher and other juice ingredients from the menu. We now have a new finale involving our children too. Joe and our two sons make a human star using acro-balance. The final image conveys health, family togetherness, fun, and risk. Joe is also planning to introduce mouth juggling ping pong balls into the show as an image of how plastic our processed foods have become.  It is a lot of fun, while also making people think. The show runs for about 40 minutes, happens on the ‘street’ outside the juice bar and is usually just before and after lunch.  We then give everyone who watched the show a special discount voucher to use at the juice bar.  It is our way of making people stop, laugh, think and interact!  Laughter and juice are the best medicine.


Passion 4 Juice sign    Trish and son Passion 4 Juice    Trish and Joe Passion 4 Juice

Funniest thing that’s happened while trading?

That is a tough one as there are so many funny stories. When Joe works the queue the banter and jokes are thick and fast. We ask people’s name as they order. Nearly every name creates some point of improvisation. People come back time and time again just for the banter! It is the rich tapestry of people we meet along the way that makes it all worth it.  We meet many characters in all sorts of states. We had a guy come into the juice bar at a bush ‘doof’ in Australia unable to walk he was so high, and then we saw them again a year later with a suit and tie at the Fringe. We remembered his name and had a laugh about how high he was last time we saw him.  One guy (pic of cucumber man attached) at Glastonbury once was totally covered in mud and came and got some cucumber slices for his eyes. A few minutes later he put his head down on the bar and fell asleep for about 20 minutes.  We get so many characters and we are always up for some fun.  One guy last year was called Shaun, so we called him Shaun the sheep. He came in again on Monday morning looking very delicate – we remembered him, called him shaun the sheep and he nearly cried he was so touched to be remembered – he got a juice and a hug and felt much better. We often help performers stay healthy and have had a few private juice bar performances. All the staff doing the wombat wobble was pretty funny!


What advice would you give a fellow mobile caterer?

I love how we all help each other out.  If you borrow something, please return it. The amount of rakes, hammers, scissors, pick axes, and sledge hammers that have gone missing over the years is a bit annoying.  I always say ‘its a boomerang – please make sure it comes back’. Joe has now learnt to take the persons hat, or sunglasses, so that they will definitely bring our kit back. He learnt that one a few years ago from a Bristol man at BoomTown Fayre. Also take care of your stuff especially on the last night of a festival and even the pack up night after most people have left. This is when you let your guard down, you are tired and this is when things happen. Stuff goes missing!  Also double check the legal documents, especially insurance. We lost everything 2 years ago when vandals burnt out our live in vehicle. An 18 month insurance battle followed – tedious and exhausting!


How has the industry changed during the 12 years that you’ve been trading?

I think the amount of wholesome, healthy, allergy friendly food is awesome.  Caterers are so creative with amazing taste sensations.  The biggest change for me has been the number of people coming in and ordering veggie juice. Especially middle aged men. 12 years ago I would have a bloke come up and say ‘what is this? Oh a juice bar! Err I will have an orange juice’.  Now they come straight up and ask for the detox special with beetroot, carrot, apple, celery and ginger. It is a massive shift!  It is no longer just the young girls interested in health.  We used to only cater to around 2-5% of the population at a festival but now we have all ages and many more guys trying it out.


How does your NCASS membership help you?

NCASS is always on the end of the phone for advice, training, insurance and industry trends. The website has been excellent especially sending out standard documents.  You have helped me a great deal every single year! Thanks.


We know you’ve heard about our mobile juicing bars, so hears a bit of infomation to help us come to your event.

Our professionally managed, passionately run, and eye catching Juice Bars can be found at festivals and events throughout the UK and Australia.

With 25 years of experience in the catering industry – from the hustle and bustle of larger festivals to more intimate corporate events – our qualified and enthusiastic team provides a fun healthy entertaining service whatever the occasion.


Download the voucher and visit one of our Juice Bars this summer.

See you there soon!  

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Our Festival Fun at Passion 4 Juice 2015

Did you know… our professionally managed, passionately run, and eye catching Juice Bars can be found at festivals and events throughout the UK and Australia?

With 27 years of experience in the catering industry – from the hustle and bustle of larger festivals to more intimate corporate events – our qualified and enthusiastic team provides a fun healthy entertaining service whatever the occasion.

So why not download voucher:  www.passion4juice.com/mobile-juice-bar Download the 2 for 1 voucher and visit one of our Juice Bars this summer?  WOMAD Boomtown and Bestival. 

News and The Story So Far



Bournemouth 7s

So what can we say about this festival…. We wont be going back.  But we did meet some amazing traders who we have connected and will continue to connect with in years to come. 

Glastonbury 2015

We arrived to a queue of festival traffic but the sun was shining. The Boys had homework to do, which helps distract from the massive dax and Elias regularsnerves Glastonbury brings, with such a large team, it can bring a lot of stress. Thankfully the weather was on our side. So setting up went smoothly or should that be smoothie? The team knew of hidden gems, including the famous Sam’s Sauna and Showers run by the Rainbow Circle. Log fire sauna in a truck. With lots of naked folks all crammed in sweating out the dirt and grime of Glastonbury. Plunge pools and hot showers. A bonding experience for all. And some of the team went daily to freshen up. Also there was a number of hidden “crew bars” dotted around the festival. With secret codes, I.Ds and secret handshakes to let you go through (as long as you have a wrist band on too) wink wink, nudge, nudge. Thankfully this bought the opportunity to get away from the throng of the crowds and buy a beer at a more reasonable price. Hannah bought fun and joy for the boys as they studied each day in the mornings, then were entertained with the fantastical children’s field. Both the boys and Hannah were shattered each day!birthdays The Spikey Juice Dome lived in Silver Hayes and was based opposite the main tent, along with being next to BBC Introducing. Staff were entertaining crowds with humour and banter. Each morning the BBC introducing crew arrived for coffee and a Breakfast Smoothie. Reggie Yates, Steve La Mac and random actors from Hollyoaks (apparently). We were blessed with Dax and his husband Elias, who are based in San Francisco, arriving each day to eat, drink and chat. Dax and Elias having been coming to Glastonbury for years along with each year finding the Dome for the best coffee and breakfast on site! It rained… Oh it really rained and caused a sludge pool of mud and yuk. It isn’t Glastonbury with a little rain. But, within 24 the sun had dried up all the mud, and the heatwave continued cooking the team as well as the festival goers. Coconut oil was smeared throughout the festival team! And poor Josie really burnt!!!!!! Down by the John Peel Stage Juicy Lucy serviced the campsite, delicious juices and smoothies. The team were fantastic entertaining the crowds, whizzing blenders, juggling fruit. The queues were up to 50 – 60 yards long at times, but the team coped and kept their cool.

 Well Done Team!

 glasto dome team          birthdays            dax and Elias regulars


Barn on the Farm 2015barn on the farm

 A welcome chill after the madness of Glastonbury Festival. Barn on the Farm is a little festival in Gloucester at Over Farm. We come here yearly to serve juice and coffee to the crowds. No Dome or Lucy, just us and the barn. A lovely young chap came up to us and asked if Passion 4 Juice was at Glastonbury the week before? He had visited Juicy Lucy daily for his smoothies. And was delighted to reconnect at Barn on the Farm. Over has a special place in the hearts of the Passion 4 Juice team. Passion 4 Juice has some wonderful connections with Over, we are friends and through family have Australian connections too. Mr WoW performing for them at various shows throughout the UK Summer. Including Halloween Half Term 2015.

 coffee          passion 4 juice smoothie bowl             passion 4 Juice Bliss Balls

 Did you know we serve organically grown Australian Rave Coffee…. Delicious Smoothie Bowls and Mango and Coco Bliss Balls too?

Joe Juice2000 Trees 2015

Gloucestershire has (off the top of my head) has about 30 festivals with camping!  In fact you could easily go to a festival every weekend within a 30 mile radius of Gloucester, every weekend through May to September!  And that includes festivals with over 1500 people!!!  

2000 Trees is one of them, close to home but still 4500 plus people.  The location is in the heart of the Cotswolds soaking in the clean air, green fields and stunning countryside.  Rock and Indie music flavored with a good crowd.  We took the Spikey Juice Dome and were the ONLY 24 hour food venue on site.  Gerry trooped though the night. Joe performed for the crowds each afternoon, whilst the boys waited impatiently to help Dad with shows finally.   One gentlemen in particular entertained us all with his nuttiness and it wasn’t Joe!  Sam the Bowler Hat Man will go down in history and we thank you Sam for keeping us smiling all weekend.  He will be classed as legendary.


WOMAD UKwomad passion 4 juice

WOMAD UK.  A fantastic but slightly over traded festival and thankfully flat 😉  We take Lucy to WOMAD UK and she is situated in the same spot each year.  Just in the camp site so we can run 24 hours.  This year the music rocked and all the staff agreed.  Everyone enjoyed the atmosphere, the vibe and the well organised feel to the event.  But… down came the rain.  OH it rained, no let us rephrase that, the heavens opened and buckets of water were thrown!!!!  But this festival has it right, bringing colour, world music, new music and almost a little touch of class.  The arboretum, the steam fair and delicious foods it is well worth a visit especially if you have a family.  We were delighted to have Groovy come to WOMAD UK.  Groovy is Joe’s Mum and she loves to come with us each year.  Bringing the whole family to WOMAD is such a pleasure.

womad boob  womad passion 4 juice 1  

Boomtown Chapter 7

BBBB Boomtown.  This year bought some major new challenges.  Staff bunking, the dome deflating, 2 units on sight, a pitch the size of a postage stamp and being told that our Lil Juicy Lucy having a brand new fruit monster on her.   We all agreed it wasn’t as busy this year but The Dome kicked butt and the Lucy team worked so hard.  They ALL really stepped up to the plate and bought the best coffee, juices and smoothies on sight.  We received a record amount of 2 4 1 vouchers from festie goers and battled wasps. Boomtown by name Boomtown by nature.  A spectacular array of light, music, fire and hills, offering everyone a fantastic adventure into the city where dreams come true.

But what really made this festival was the sense of family.  

“So, who took the Mayor of Boomtown?” I hear you all cry.  The pirates took the Mayor and sadly the Mayors wife was thrown overboard the pirate ship.  They have set sale for Boom Island and the story continues.  Chapter 8…

Meet some of the Team…

Kate – Our Barrista and based in Kent- Brings the morning a cheer with our freshly ground Rave Coffee

Joe – The backbone of Passion 4 Juice, Husband, Dad and Joe Juice 

Abbie – Juicer and Passion 4 Juice Marketer

Gerry – Night time genius

Ali – Night guru and longest team member

Lyall – Juicer and all round nutter.  Lyall is training with Jason Vale to become a Juice Theropist

Joel – Seasoned Traveller and Juicer.  Travelled to the UK from Oz to do the festival season in the UK


 Meet some of our lovely customers Gallery

Juicy Lucy customers 1 customers 2


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Jason Vale, the Juice Master says Passion 4 Juice is his FAVE!

Jason Vale and Trish Tucker-May (Passion 4 Juice©) collaborated and made this recipe together many moons ago at the fresh festival. We called it the Passion 4 Juice master. Now in his top selling books it is referred to as HIS passion 4 juice. I have a registered trade mark for my business name and logo. So yes it is a breach of that. I have spoken to Jason about it and he has agreed to make reference to the collaboration. This one may have slipped under his radar. Or perhaps it is deliberate. Anyway I will take it as a positive testimonial, continue to do what I do and focus on the abundant energy juicing provides us in our daily lives.

passion 4 juice Trish Tucker May recipe

I will focus on the many thousands of festival goers each year that benefit from drinking our juice. Like the guy who came to us at Womad and ordered the detox special in the pouring rain. He came everyday this year and last year. He told me trying my juices has changed his life. The juice master is inspiring people and so am I.

So even though when I beat Jason in the great international smoothie making challenge, and he turned to me at the end and said “just remember Trish Tucker, there is only one juice master” I still think there is plenty of room for the Juice Queen and for Passion 4 Juice©. 15 years of trading at festivals, events, conferences and retreats in 4 countries tells me that we are here for the long haul. I am an ethical trader, I reference my material or I create my own. I create my own recipes and if I make other peoples, love them and post them, I will give them credit. A similar thing has recently happened to Jo Whitton of @Quirky Cooking (awesome recipes, wonderfully inspiring, hard working lady) I guess I feel I have made it in a way, if I am good enough to take ideas from I must have truly made it in the world of business.

Anyone wanting a copy if my recipe book can buy it online at www.passion4juice.com or click on the recipe book

You will find this recipe, referenced of course, and many more.

If you are reading this and haven’t tried juicing I can honestly say this is the best way to get nutrient dense energy into yourself and your family. Please connect and follow our adventure. We spend 6 months in Australia and 6 months in the UK, keeping people healthy at festivals, retreats and events.

To book the fantastic Trish Tucker-May at your local retreat, event or show please feel free to email at trish@passion4juice.com or message us via Twitter @passion4juice or contact us at www.facebook.com/passion4juice. You can also follow us on Instagram and even see what recipes we love at www.pinterest.com/passion4juice

passion 4 juice Trish Tucker May

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Buying and Brewing Kombucha Tea Kits with Passion 4 Juice

Did you know… our professionally managed, passionately run, and eye catching Juice Bars can be found at festivals and events throughout the UK and Australia?  With 27 years of experience in the catering industry – from the hustle and bustle of larger festivals to more intimate corporate events – our qualified and enthusiastic team provides a fun healthy entertaining service whatever the occasion.

So why not download voucher:  www.passion4juice.com/mobile-juice-bar Download the 2 for 1 voucher and visit one of our Juice Bars this summer?  Boomtown fair with 2 units, Trench Town and Mayfair and Bestival at red camp ALL 24 hours a day!

How to make two litres of Kombucha Tea

You will need:

1.9 litres of spring/filtered water.

1.5 cups of raw/rapidura sugar.

5 tea bags of black tea or approximately 5 tbls organic loose leaf.

1 Kombucha SCOBY.

100ml of previous kombucha tea or apple cider vinegar.

Piece of breathable cloth.

Elastic Band.

2L Glass Jar/Stoneware.


Boil enough water (roughly 0.5L) to fill a large mug containing the tea and sugar. Mix thoroughly and allow to cool.

Strain the tea into your preferred vessel and top up with the remaining spring/filtered water and the 100ml of previous kombucha tea.

Place the SCOBY into the vessel, cover with a breathable fabric and secure with an elastic band. Store in a place where it will be left undisturbed and out of direct sunlight. Allow it to ferment for 7-10 days.

After a new SCOBY has formed on top of the tea, it should be ready to consume. Remove the SCOBY Mother and newly formed SCOBY baby (rest them on a plate lined with paper towel), strain the fermented tea into freshly cleaned sterile bottles (be sure to keep at least 100ml for the next cycle) and store them in the fridge to halt further fermentation. Consume within 2 weeks.

Start a new cycle with the mother only or include the baby as well. You can give away the babies to friends along with some fermented tea to get them started!

Kombucha is a natural detoxifier and as such should be used with care. It is best to slowly raise your daily intake of Kombucha from a 2 – 4 oz a day to 8 oz per day.  However much your body can handle, permitting you can brew it. Overdosing on Kombucha means your body will detox quickly and harshly. This is not recommended and can leave you feeling quite sick and a little poorly, so be careful. 

Passion 4 Juice recommend brewing two batches at a time and drinking about 4 oz a day for a week, and possibly increasing to 8 oz until the next batches are ready.
Pure Kombucha tastes pretty much like apple cider vinegar. Consumed straight, it is an acquired taste. You can mix it with other liquids as you drink it – like juice or flavoured teas. You can use 1/3 strong Kombucha to 2/3 something else.


how to make kombucha tea


Passion 4 Kombucha Tea Kits on sale NOW.


Our kombucha Tea is grown and fermented using organic tea and organic cane sugar.  Why not make a endless supply Kombucha Tea for just a few pence.

Each Passion 4 Kombucha Tea kit with be hand made, grown with love, and totally delicious. home delievered to your door and ready within 3 weeks of starting.


In this kit you will receive: kombucha tea brewing kits

Sealed Organic Kombucha Soby

Organic Cane Sugar

2 Organic Tea Bags


Kombucha Recipes

And online support



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Jason Vale says Passion 4 Juice is his FAVE!

What is The famous Passion 4 Juice Master recipe?

Passion 4 Juice designed and made this recipe in conjunction with Jason Vale – the Juice Master at the Fresh Festival.

He loves this recipe so much and loves what we do, so it now features in all of his best selling books. 

Juicy Ingredients

  • 1/4 small pineapple – peel the pineapple unless it is organic.
  • 1 apple
  • 1/4 banana
  • 200g natural organic yogurt – if you’re a vegan, then simply use soya, coconut or almond yogurt or leave it out.
  • 1/2 teaspoon of spirulina or super green powder for the extra goodness

Juicy Instructions

  • Juice the pineapple and apple
  • Pour into a blender / thermomix along with the banana, yogurt and spirulina.
  • Blend until smooth with 2 cubes of ice.

Why this is good for you – direct from Jason Vale himself…

‘This is a beautifully smooth and creamy smoothie because of the yogurt that goes into it.  The bananas provide an incredible source of slow-release energy, as well as being rich in potassium. This helps promote muscle and nerve function as well as controlling blood pressure.Iron is one of the most common mineral deficiencies found in humans.  This fantastic smoothie has an abundance of it,  thanks to the spirulina. It is also rich in magnesium and trace minerals, as well as being one of the highest natural sources of B12’.

You can watch Jason Vale make this recipe here. Jason Vale

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